Modern view economics

After randomly selecting the key word “economics”, I was clueless of what to do. I looked up the definition of economics and it has to do with knowledge, wealth, & productivity. I believe that in today’s politics and debates all people are talking about is the economics of this country. I do not understand it or what most candidates are trying to say about it. I am only understanding that the economy is not super great. I am an art major and not very interested in political stuff like that, therefore I made this video, showing a few images of what I believe economics is all about. I see economics as society being mind controlled into spending large amounts of money by higher figures in the world, then once all their wealth is gone a lot of people are broke and poor, which leads to no knowledge and homeless


Dynamic Composition

the poetDuring this dynamic composition exercise, it was slightly challenging due to my first time actually using adobe illustrator on a Mac. My final product was okay for a first time. This project really gave me a sense of the class and how much more technology tricks I will soon learn about. I plan on improving my work in this class and mastering all the new techniques that I will soon learn.