The Neverending Story By Sarah Harris

The objective of our project was to create a compile book in Adobe InDesign of all our final projects that were created over the semester. Each project was created using a different adobe software. Attached to my project is a QR code that links to my public ART 201 portfolio. I am a senior Information Sciences and Technology student and by taking this course, it has given me the additional skills to work in new designing software. With these skills I can continue the neverending story of my work in computer graphics and design. Thanks for looking!


Variations Project By Sarah Harris


This project was definitely my favorite over the semester. I chose my canvas to be 20 x 20 inches large, with 9 separate photos in a 3 x 3 layout. I used Adobe Photoshop to create this project. I decided to take a dozen roses and distort each one that holds a significant meaning. Each picture was taken by myself using photography lighting and a high resolution camera. I wanted to focus purely on the color red which is why I made my background black and white.Roses are very significant to me which is why I enjoyed this project and spent a lot of time working.

I chose a rose to represent people in that we all are very delicate and the events that happen to us can distort, change, damage, grow, feel and blossom into the people we are today.

Starting in the upper left hand corner from left to right: beauty/life/strength, dying/struggle/weak, sticky, burned, stabbed and hurt, sweet/sugar coated, strangled/tied up, melting/falling apart, and diseased.



Exquisite Corpse Digital Round Robin By Sarah Harris

This is the 4th project in this course which has involved more than one collaborator for me to produce a final result. For this project I started off scanning images of personal items I brought in that all have meaning behind them. The final objects I choose were an amethyst stone, a mini glass Buddha, and a round glass paperweight. After learning the objectives of this project, I had to share my scanned image with two other students in this class by only giving a small glimpse or hint of what I have scanned. I did this by using masking layers and gradients to hide most of my image. With the help of both Dan Pinho and David Lee’s inspired images of their choice, I was able to come up with a interesting piece applying just filters, adjustment layers and blending options in Adobe Photoshop. Below are pictures of my original scan and my final outcome of our Exquisite Corpse project.

Original Scan:


Mandala of the Elements By Sarah Harris

My Mandala of the Elements project is using two elements: Earth and Air. I decided to go with these two elements because I am more attracted to organic, light and natural flowing elements. When I first thought of this project I had difficulties in representing air as it’s invisible to us and hard to draw. I then had the idea to have my mandala include zodiac signs representing earth and air.

Earth: Aquarius, Libra and Gemini
Air: Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo.

These zodiac signs are actually a great match in compatibility, meaning, balance and colors. Throughout my Mandala I incorporated each sign and kept the air signs mostly blue/grey and the earth signs more green/tan.

The outcome of this project isn’t what I had originally planned at first. I did find it difficult at times getting the tools and coloring to become what I had visioned in my head for this project. However, instead of forcing it to be something I planned – I found it came out to be better than my initial sketch when I just let it be and see how it turns out.

Mandala of the Elements Geometry: Earth & Air

Mandala of the Elements

Mandala of the Elements (Final): Earth & Air

Mandala of the Elements

Thirteen Ways Of Looking At A Blackbird Project By Sarah Harris


This project was created from the poem, “Thirteen ways of looking at a blackbird” by Wallace Stevens. The objective of this project was to create a visual interpretation of the poem only using letter type forms. Ending with results of images in what I found to be most important to highlight: hope, beauty, family, growth, life, separation, coldness and much more.


Culture Shock by Sarah Harris

This project I created was for my Art 201 course, Computer graphics. My video revolves around the word Culture. With this keyword many other things came to mind besides of the generic thoughts like: peace, love, together, diversity etc. With this journey in my mind of the word Culture, I took more of a humorous approach to create my project. Resulting in a video that ties together culture and the unexplainable.

Test Post: Dynamic Composition


What I learned in this project is being first introduced to Adobe Illustrator and all the tools I needed to know to create this project. I am fairly new to a mac interface so navigating was something I also learned while doing this project. The best thing I learned that made me most efficient in this project was using the shortcut key option and click and drag a shape to make a copy.