Book Portfolio

Final look at project throughout the semester.





With the variation project, I tested the color theories by reproducing the same image with different color overlays. In each overlay, you can see more or less of the object within the original image, due to contrast, hues, and other properties. Once I created my small images, I wasn’t a fan of the white background, so I once again reused the image, this time I gave it a white overlay. I used the “difference” function to create a transparency, so that the color tiles would come through the difference similar to a stain glass finish.

Exquisite Corpse



With Project 4, Bruno and I missed the first day. We collaborated with each other, sending our files back and forth. I believe both works came out totally different from the start, it was a good transformation. Collaborating in the project, adding images back and forth kept me on my toes. It was fun to see what Bruno got from my starting image, it also made me think deeper of how I could draw a line between our thoughts, and come out with what we made in the end results.

Mandala of the Elements by Taj Cannon




My focus in the Mandala was originally water and earth. As I created the piece more ideas came to me. I added the element Air to balance out the mandala. The heavy white stroke on top of all of the layers to me gives the piece an airy balance. I took inspiration also from a hippie, peaceful state of mind. 


Lets Dance by Taj Cannon

I started this project with the idea of dance. When I thought of dance I automatically grouped it with music. So I thought of my audio track immediately. “Lets Dance” by David Bowie. The rest of my project has a 70’s – 80’s Miami, Scarface feel, mixed with a Drake hit single theme HOTLINE BLING.