rrDNA Project by Cynthia Lopez

My word was science. When I think of science, I think of Biology and birth.
In order to incorporate birth I realized that today many couples are using science to achieve their start of a family.



Key word: NUMBER

My theme: Number is numberLESS.

I did want to make a video with an effectiveness of brainstorm; but as professor Cromar said, it may be better if I chose something specific to do my research.

The most significant thing I have learnt is never apologize before your presentation. (classic: Julie’s “…so deal with it!” lol)

The most significant tool I have learnt is mind map.

Btw I love the “cat fire” soooooo much!!! XD Shaun is so good at this!

rrDNA by Jessica Spurka


“Music”- Everyone has a different relationship, or feeling, with that word. Some people can’t live without it, and some people only listen to it every once in a while. Different genres are great for different occasions, or different activities. I wanted to try and cover all of these different instances to try and connect with different groups of people. My goal was to reach out to everyone and really get them to see the great effects music can have on people.

Dynamic Composition by Jessica Spurka



This is my interpretation of the image we were given. I basically just picked up on the big areas of color and put only that into the image I made. I learned that there are different ways of looking at artworks. Many painting that are abstract, like this one, are beautiful and can tell a wonderful story. By looking at the original painting we can understand, somewhat, what the artist is showing. And this image makes it maybe a little more difficult for people to understand. I used Adobe Illustrator, and doing so learned alot about this software, like all of the basics, especially how to manage the shapes and colors.