Blackbird Project – Asher Miller



Blackbird project by Anzor Aslanukov


This picture I made is supposed to represent a poem called “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird” and although the author of the poem was implying an actual bird, I decided to replace the bird with the SR-71 Blackbird only because the plane was epic.

Das Gestalt by Anzor Aslanukov


This is my account, depicting the possibilities of symmetry  and in my humble opinion, it’s eloquence. A figure not yet of ostentatious portrayal that seems to hint a precursor to popular late 50’s to 60’s design with multiple aureoles articulated in an equidistant lattice.

BlackBird Project – Natalie Cintron – 2015




With this project, I found little difficulty looking for images within the simplicity of using only letters and the effect of black and white contrast. At first I wanted to try to incorporate images within the boxes in an orderly manner but then I realized I would rather expand what the picture would look like without any kind of borders.