Beth’s Excorpse Project




8.0 L W16 quad-turbocharged 1200 HP Exquisite Corpse Pixel_01 By Anzor Aslanukov and artists 14 & 15

This exclusive exquisite corpse is of the highest ostentatious eloquence. Collaborated by three aspiring prodigious artists, the terminus of our labor is this simulacrum:


But of course, displaying respect for the ancestor, the reason why this piece of virtuosity became apparent is because of it’s originator:


Exquisite Corpse: a tribune to Harambe, by Anzor Aslanukov and two unknown artists

Harambe, a gorilla who possessed more humanity in it’s soul than most human men women and children alike. He was the glue that kept the very essence of morality together, bonding it ever so strong. That sacred bond was broken when, sadly, he paid for our sins. Irresponsibility, stupidity and worst of all, senselessness betrayed him, and therefore us. Those with the slightest slimmer of faith and kindness will forever honor his memory, for Harambe was the bastion of unity and harmony.


Goodbye Harambe, you were the greatest!

Tiffy Flower by Anzor Aslanukov

YAY! A cool picture right?!?!?!?!? Like the coolest thing on Earth. This gourmet, hand-made, top notch picture of the .tiff file of the flower is at first, presented in the original form here:


And then, through the amazing magic, code and hard work from Photoshop, I changed the image’s hue to 45, saturation to 31, and lightness to 7 to get this awe-inspiring masterpiece of the highest eloquence:





It is my first time to learn about scanning high-resolution-needed pics specifically, which is very useful.

I felt a little sorry that I became sooooo obsessed with placing my items that I spent much longer time making changes…///v///

I found this kind of “group working” project really fun. It is just that it can be so easily to mess up with files and naming…OvO

The outcome also unsurprisingly surprised me by its beauty XD love it!

I cannot believe that I actually missed the class when we were supposed to watch it together and choose the background music ———— but still I was so thrilled when I watched it for the first time ///w/// I was so honored that my work is the first piece that was shown.