Juliana Lemos Final ART201 Portfolio



Hudson Marsh // Leporello Portfolio

The format of an accordion booklet is a great format because you get the best of both worlds with back-to-back pages in a classic book style, where images can be separate. You can also have two pages be a continuation of the same image. I tried to keep a clean, grid-like style while also harkening back to the look of a classic textbook with tiny numbering for different projects.

najieh – portfolio

My portfolio is based on everything I have worked on in Art 201. It was a process creating the first assignment, the compile 01 project, because I was not familiar with anything in Keynote. I the began to grow in my knowledge with Adobe illustrator, Indesign, and Photoshop. it was a struggle at some points while creating each project, but with the help of Professor Zapata and classmates, I got through it. Overall, it was also very fun creating these pieces.

Technology with the blackbird project and MY 3.5 GHZ 12-CORE 35 MB CACHE MANDALA along with the 8.0 L W16 QUAD-TURBOCHARGED 1200 HP EXQUISITE CORPSE PIXEL_01 machine but now with THE NEW 2.34 GHZ QUAD-CORE 64-BIT ARMV8-A √∀®!@+|Ø∩$ PROJECT WITH 3 GB LPDDR4 RAM AND 12 MP 2ND-GENERATION SONY EXMOR RS[8] WITH SIX-ELEMENT LENS, QUAD-LED “TRUE TONE” FLASH, AUTOFOCUS, IR FILTER, BURST MODE, F/1.8 APERTURE, 4K VIDEO RECORDING AT 30 FPS OR 1080P AT 30 OR 60 FPS, SLOW-MOTION VIDEO (1080P AT 120 FPS AND 720P AT 240 FPS), TIMELAPSE WITH STABILIZATION, PANORAMA, FACIAL RECOGNITION, DIGITAL IMAGE STABILIZATION, OPTICAL IMAGE STABILIZATION, TELEPHOTO LENS WITH 2× OPTICAL ZOOM / 10× DIGITAL ZOOM WITH A 5.5 IN (140 MM) RETINA HD: LED-BACKLIT IPS LCD, 1920×1080 PX RESOLUTION (401 PPI) DISPLAY which is a hand-made, top-notch, exclusive, VIP, brand-new, aged to perfection, quality, on-sale, on-demand, money-saving, low-rate, ALL-IN-one, hospital-tested, clinically proven, friendly customer service, brand-name, money-back guarantee, no fuss, no obligation, no “red-tape”, no hidden charges, no down-payment, no entry fees, limited time-only, limited edition, batteries included, fast delivery, no restriction, no assembly required, no risk, classic, custom, deluxe, designer, prestige, luxury, premium-select, gourmet Compile_02 project.


This is the last thing I will be posting on the page. It was a great honor to be a part of this everyone, and I mean it with all of my heart. And so, as I leave, I will leave the best creation I have ever made – something which LITERALLY has everything I ever made, all-on-one! And it goes like this:

2016-06-12_Anzor_Aslanukov_Compile_02 2016-06-12_Anzor_Aslanukov_Compile_022

2016-06-12_Anzor_Aslanukov_Compile_023 2016-06-12_Anzor_Aslanukov_Compile_024

2016-06-12_Anzor_Aslanukov_Compile_025 2016-06-12_Anzor_Aslanukov_Compile_026


My work is finished and now, I can live in peace knowing that I will forever be remembered as a great artist and knowing that this art is preserved on “duh internets.”

2015_6_Huang_Guojiao_never ending story_book_portfolio_GGG Simpleness

I cannot describe the feelings when you actually saw a book you designed yourself out of your own works!!! So exciting!!!

I decide to name my book as GGG_Simpleness:
But I will not admit———— OvO
that I print my covers only out of the most normal papers,
that I leave all my backgrounds blank,
that I use tricky ways to play around with the design of texts,
————that they are all only because that I almost run out of time and had to do with this simplest way to cover the truth that it is actually a last-minute work in order to make the deadlines. OvO

However then I was really surprised that they all work for me amazingly!!!! TvT

So I decide to stick with this “style” :p for my cover designs.
Still secretly speaking, ///w/// I came up with the idea to use my second last project as my cover bcz that I could not finish it until after the book was already printed out…Fortunately, truly lucky me that the happen accident again, works incredibly well for me as a cover!!!!
Another thing I want to mention is that it was so fun to play with the qr code that this little stuff really can be read no matter how you scale it or change the opacity of it, fascinating XD!!!!

Last but not the least, as much fun as gluing the covers, I have to say that the covers are really challenges to me QAQ the glue!!!!